Vision Statement


Between 1994 and 1998, of the nearly 5,000 non-hybrid vegetable varieties offered by seed catalogs, 88% have been discontinued, but 1,889 entirely new varieties were added.  Plant breeding for mechanical harvest and cross-country shipping have created generalized varieties that would grow reasonably well throughout the U.S.  More profitable hybrids and patented varieties replaced seed collections, which were often adapted to regional climates and resistant to local diseases and pests.  The trans-national agrochemical corporations, through decisions based on short term profits, have destroyed irreplaceable genetic resources.


In order to counter these trends, we at Halsey's Green Thumb Organic Farm grow a wide selection of herbs, fruits, and vegetable crops, using many non-hybrid seeds.  By having economic demand for minor variety crops, seed companies will continue to offer and increase their selection of these items.  This is important to all of us in these times of disappearing genetic biodiversity in our food system.  As a side to this, for better health, nutritionists recommend a varied diet of greens, fruits and vegetables.  Through a wide array of such plant-based foods, our bodies can receive the vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients necessary for optimum health and disease fighting ability.


Our CSA and farm-stand enable us to sell this wide range of food over an extended season.  We are U.S.D.A. certified organic by NOFA - N.Y. Certified Organic LLC, growing everything in an earth friendly way, sustainable manner.  Our produce is hand harvested daily to ensure maximum freshness and quality.  We continue to farm on the urban fringe of land which has been in our family for over 300 years.  We pay our workers a living wage above the national and regional farm worker's average.  We are a family managed, owned and operated farm, and our interest is in nutritional well being of our subscribers and the health and security of our planet.



Thank you very much for your support and encouragement!